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Skills to Succeed

It has never been more important than in today’s global economy for chemist and related professionals to develop and maintain a range of skills to succeed and thrive in their career.

Competitive Edge

To assist in the increasingly competitive landscape, the American Chemical Society brings you the ACS Career Navigator™, your competitive edge in a global workforce. 

Tool for ACS Members

This exciting tool is your home for career services, leadership development, professional education and market intelligence resources created specifically for ACS members. 

Achieve Your Goals

Whatever your career goals, the ACS Career Navigator™ is here to help you achieve and exceed them.



Professional Education


Refresh your skills or branch into new areas with training from ACS Professional Education. Courses taught by our expert instructors give you the opportunity to stay on top of new technology, growing trends in the industry and the skills you need to advance your career.

Our training is divided into seven areas of concentration. As an ACS Member, you can save up to $200:

  • Analytical
  • Biological/Medicinal
  • Computers/Statistics/Engineering
  • Polymer
  • Organic/Physical
  • Professional Development
  • Regulatory/Environmental


ACS Career Services


ACS Career Services provides a growing list of offerings to our members seeking a career change. Achieve your career goals with our resources to help you stand out in a crowd. Our member-only resources include:


ACS Leadership Development System®


The ACS Leadership Development System® is your opportunity to learn essential skills to strengthen your competitive edge in today’s global economy. This competency-based curriculum of self-paced online and in-person facilitated courses teaches critical skills that are applicable to any leadership situation. ACS members receive the added benefit of being able to take courses for free with a $50 refundable deposit required only for in-person courses.

Leadership courses focus on core competency areas proven to differentiate outstanding leaders in corporate and other organizational environments. Take a course in these areas:

  • Personal capability
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Building Character 
  • Focusing on results
  • Setting a clear direction


Membership Dues



Perfect for people with a degree or certification in chemical or related sciences, or with certification as a teacher of a chemical science.



For people whose occupation directly concerns the practice of a chemical science, but are ineligible to become Regular Members of ACS. 



For full-time graduate students majoring in a chemical science or a related academic discipline.



For those actively working toward an undergraduate degree in chemistry or in a related academic discipline. 
$28 without C&EN; 
$56 with C&EN