Career Workshops

ACS Career Pathways™ at ACS Meetings

ACS Career Pathways™ are expertly designed to provide career guidance for up-and-coming and professional chemical scientists as they navigate their futures. 

The next workshops will be offered at the ACS Sring 2023 in Indianapolis, IN.


    Finding Yourself: Identifying a Career that Matches your Strengths and Values

    Finding Yourself: Identifying a Career that Matches Your Strengths and Values allows you to self-assess your career values and strengths.   Participants will also learn how the four sectors of chemistry employment compare and contrast.  This course will also help you determine which sector best aligns to your values and strengths and plan your next steps to obtaining an ideal position.

    Networking:  How to Get Started

    Will help participants utilize networking to enhance their job search.  Participants will also learn which types of questions to create a natural flow in a networking conversation.   The course will also help you create a networking plan to locate and obtain your ideal job in the federal government.  


    Opportunities for Chemists in the Federal Government

    An overview of the demographics of employment for the federal government.  Participants will also learn about the General Schedule (GS) as well as the three types of positions in the federal government.  The course will also determine federal coding for chemists and chemical engineers as well provide data about employment by geography, discipline, department, and agency to help participants match job opportunities with their experience, strengths, and values.  

    How to Find and Apply for a Chemistry Position in the Federal Government

    Provides participants with sources to locate chemistry positions in the federal government. Participants will also learn how to break down a federal job announcement. The course will also prepare participants for an application for a position in the federal government, including automated features, resume components, essays, and questionnaires.


    Careers in Industrial Chemistry:  Identifying Your Role in the Industrial Value Chain

    Offers an overview of the job market and job types for industrial chemistry. Participants will also learn how the industrial value chain can be used as a tool to help refine your job search in alignment  with your strengths and values.  The course will also help uncover key components of job descriptions and participants will learn how to break down job descriptions to best match job opportunities with their experience, strengths, and values. 

    Résumé Development:  Marketing Your Brand for an Industrial Chemistry Position

    An overview of the content of a robust résumé for an industrial chemistry position.  Participants will also determine best practices in terms of résumé content and formatting through analysis of résumé exemplars.  The course will also elaborate on the components of résumé portfolio, including example cover letter and research summary.  Additionally, participants will learn about the strategic use of job search engines and networking strategies to get their résumés in the proper hands for the industrial chemistry position of their dreams.


    The Higher-Education Landscape

    Discover the pros and cons of a career in academia. Learn about trends in higher education, the types of higher-education institutions, and the types of positions available.

    Presenting Yourself

    Learn how to find and assess a potential higher-education position and create an application portfolio to make yourself more competitive.


    Your Idea, Your Business, Your Marketing Plan

    This workshop will help you determine if self-employment is for you. The workshop will provide you with the tools to create the initial parts of a preliminary business plan—defining the business, defining the market, and defining the organization.

    Your Sales, Marketing, and Financial Plan

    The workshop will provide you the tools to develop the final parts of a preliminary business plan—defining the marketing and sales strategy and defining the financing.


    Setting Yourself Up for Success in an Interview

    Breaks down the interview process into navigable stages.  Participants will also learn how to identify critical performance factors from job announcement media.  The course will also help interviewees to develop a plan to relate their experience and values to the job requirements and organization values of their potential employers. 

    Making the Most of Your Interview:  Outshining the Competition

    Offers strategies and techniques to develop an extremely effective interview. Participants will also learn how to anticipate questions; develop thoughtful, robust responses; and, handle difficult questions. The course will not only provide critical practice interview scenarios, but will also help participants leave a lasting impression with hiring staff to secure the position well-aligned to their strengths and values.


    ChemIDP: Planning for Your Career

    ChemIDP is an Individual Development Plan tool designed specifically for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in the chemical sciences. Through immersive, self-paced activities, users identify career goals, determine specific skills needed for success, and develop a plan to achieve their professional goals. This 90-minute workshops walks you through the process for using ChemIDP.

    New Technologies to Find Jobs and Manage Your Career

    We all know the Internet and information technology have changed the way we do business. But how have they changed the way we find business, jobs, or even completely new careers? New technological tools such as blogs, social networking sites, wikis, telephone and video conferencing provide a wealth of information - both for you and about you. This presentation will focus on tools and techniques of particular use to chemical professionals, and how they can be used for both active and passive career development.

    Green Cards for Scientific Researchers: How to Win Your EB-1/NIW Case Workshop

    In today’s global environment, it is becoming more and more common to seek employment in other countries. This session is designed for international chemical professionals seeking a career in the US, whether in academia, industry, or government. The session will discuss the legal/ immigration issues that foreign-national scientists must be aware of and some of the practical aspects international applicants who wish to work in the US must consider. A panel including an immigration attorney as well as representatives from industry and a university international student office will discuss contemporary issues and answer questions from the audience members.

    Writing Excellent Proposals

    Whether in academia or industry, proposals are essential to securing grants, gaining approval for projects and obtaining support for new initiatives. Yet, what makes a good proposal eludes many people. This workshop will help you write proposals that stand-out and gain the attention of the decision makers and/or committee members.

    Skydiving into Retirement: Enjoy the Ride and Land Softly

    For people in industry, retirement from a regular job is an inevitability. Most of us are taught over the years to save for retirement and to manage our 401k accounts appropriately. That advice reinforces the idea the retirement is a financial decision, and of course it is.

    But money is the tip of the iceberg. When you retire, your entire identity changes: How will you answer the second question people ask: “What do you do?” For some people, the “retirement” phase of a career is more daunting than getting a first job.

    In this webinar for those who are thinking about retirement or recently retired, we outline a strategic planning approach to retirement. We’ll talk about articulating your new identity and how to evaluate the environment into which you will leap. We’ll use exercises to help find the intersection of your values, your strengths, your interests and your opportunities and construct your new persona for the third phase of your life.

    For those who have been retired for some time, the webinar offers an organized way to think about mid-course correction or construction of a late-career to-do list.