Becoming a Career Consultant

Guidelines for Volunteer Career Consultants

Events, Volunteers and Employment Services Subcommittee (EVESS), CEPA

These guidelines exist to ensure that the Career Consultant Program will continue to be effective and permit continuity in the program even as the membership in EVESS-CEPA changes.

ACS Career Services

Program Goal:

The goal of the volunteer Career Consultant Program is to provide information in a timely and efficient manner to chemical professionals at all stages of their careers. Included in this information are job searching strategies; various rÉsumÉ and curriculum vitae formats and critiquing of them; effective use of electronic communication; and career management and planning throughout a chemist's entire career.

Career Consultant Competencies:

The following professional and personal skills have been found essential for effective Career Consultants: Each applicant should:

a. Be a current ACS member

b. Have an accredited degree in chemistry or one of the chemical sciences or have the equivalent experience. Have at least 2 years of pertinent work experience in the chemical sciences.

c. Have experience in their own job searches or helping others and have experience with career changes including but not limited to: hiring, promotions, layoffs, downsizing, or retirement.

d. Be proficient with online communications including e-mail, e-mail attachments, internet, search engines, “LinkedIn” and/or “Facebook”, blogs, share software packages and other internet related services.

Career Consultant Applicant Process:

The application process to become a Career Consultant includes the following steps:

a. Complete the application either on paper or on-line.

b. Two letters of recommendation from either an ACS member or a professional associate supporting the applicant

c. A résumé along with a statement as to why the applicant feels he/she would make a good career consultant.

d. The completed application packet is then submitted to EVESS for pre-approval. This will be done electronically or on paper at the next ACS National Meeting. Applications recommended by EVESS will be presented to the full CEPA for final approval.

e. Review and approval of applications take place during ACS National Meetings. This could take up to six months. Applications approved by EVESS will be submitted to the full CEPA for final approval. Occasionally the review and approval of applications may be done by EVESS electronically between ACS National Meetings.

Career Consultant Training Process:

The training process for new Career Consultants includes one or more of the following:

a. Electronic access and policies governing the use of electronic communication for ACS.

b. Online training in the use of the Career Consultant Program database.

c. WebEx or other online training on the SharePoint or other online community.

d. Attendance at the annual training for career volunteers.

e. Shadowing an experienced volunteer mentor at national, regional or local meeting.

Career Consultant Roles and Responsibilities:

Career Consultants are encouraged to take advantage of one or more of the following career service opportunities annually:

a. Participate in career development workshops made available to ACS members at national, regional, or local meetings. Interact with local sections to provide career development workshops, one-on-one career assistance, and other resources to ACS members.

b. Respond to online member requests for career consulting within 3 business days of initial request and continue timely contact until completion of the consultation.

c. Remain current on trends in chemical employment and the workforce. If possible, participate in ACS and other career consultant training opportunities when made available.

d. Roles and responsibilities are subject to change as the needs of the members and the profession change.

To Start the Application process to become a Career Consultant:

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Career Consultant Evaluation Process:

Career Consultants will be evaluated periodically:

a. All Career Consultants will be reviewed at least once every five years by the EVESS committee. To assist in this review the following data will be considered:

  • Job seeker consulting survey results.
  • A summary of each consultant’s service provided to ACS members at national, regional, and local section career activities. ACS Staff will request that each Career Consultant under review submit a brief summary of their service and accomplishments. This request will be made at least 3 months before they are due for review.
  • A summary of all electronically collected evaluations and tasks completed.

b. Career Consultants who are recommended for continuation will receive a letter from EVESS thanking them for their service to the ACS and notifying them of their continuation status.

c. Career Consultants who are deemed to be performing at below standards will also receive a letter from EVESS notifying them of their now probationary status and including some recommendations for improvement. They shall be given a probationary period until the next ACS national meeting before which they may submit a revised summary of service to the Society. EVESS may recommend recertification, termination, or temporary suspension until completion of further training.

d. All Career Consultants denied recertification will be submitted to CEPA for approval of the recommendation.

e. Career Consultants whose work schedule will not permit them to actively serve may request a temporary leave of absence for up to one year from DCMD. When the leave period is over, the volunteer should notify ACS staff of their return to active volunteer status.

Career Consultant Recognition Process:

Because the services provided to ACS members by the Volunteer Career Consultants are such an essential part of the success of the ACS Career programs, outstanding service should be recognized. Before each ACS spring national meeting DCMD staff will notify all Career Consultants that they may write a brief letter of nomination to EVESS for an award of recognition. Career Consultants may nominate themselves or a peer, and the letters should include a summary of outstanding accomplishments. DCMD may also submit nominations to EVESS. The following are examples of data that may be included in the letters to support the nomination:

a. A summary of the services provided and a summary of evaluation data collected electronically by the Boxwood or similar systems.

b. A summary of ACS member surveys.

c. Additional data each nominator deems significant.

EVESS will select award winners based on their exceptional service to the Society and present the awards at the ACS fall national meeting. The award categories include the following:

(1) Outstanding Service to Members at ACS meetings or community outreach activities.

(2) Outstanding Service to Individual Members.