Becoming a Career Consultant

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ACS Career Consultant! Please review the information below and submit an application to be considered. Feel free to reach out to Kimberly Browne at for more information.

Program Goal

The goal of the volunteer Career Consultant Program is to provide information in a timely and efficient manner to chemical professionals at all stages of their careers. Included in this information are job searching strategies; various résumé and curriculum vitae formats and critiquing of them; effective use of electronic communication; and career management and planning throughout a chemist's entire career.

What does a Career Consultant do?

Career Consultants are encouraged to take advantage of one or more of the following career service opportunities annually:

  • Participate in career development workshops made available to ACS members at national, regional, or local meetings. Interact with local sections to provide career development workshops, one-on-one career assistance, and other resources to ACS members.
  • Respond to online member requests for career consulting within 3 business days of initial request and continue timely contact until completion of the consultation.
  • Remain current on trends in chemical employment and the workforce. If possible, participate in ACS and other career consultant training opportunities when made available.
  • Roles and responsibilities are subject to change as the needs of the members and the profession change.

Career Consultant Competencies

The following professional and personal skills have been found essential for effective Career Consultants: Each applicant should:

  • Be a current ACS member
  • Have an accredited degree in chemistry or one of the chemical sciences or have the equivalent experience. Have at least 2 years of pertinent work experience in the chemical sciences.
  • Have experience in their own job searches or helping others and have experience with career changes including but not limited to: hiring, promotions, layoffs, downsizing, or retirement.
  • Be proficient with online communications including e-mail, e-mail attachments, internet, search engines, “LinkedIn” and/or “Facebook”, blogs, share software packages and other internet related services.