Discover the diverse types of careers chemical professionals can pursue.


Public Speaking/Presenting

How to Influence Others with Persuasion

It’s all about RESULTS! Lou Hampton gives a crash course on mastering persuasion for those in the chemical industry!

Wow Your Crowd: How to Win Over the Audience

Think you're not a naturally gifted speaker? Nick Washienko tells you how to deliver a powerful, confident presentation that gets results. 

The Ph.D. Seminar: Your Opportunity to Shine

A stellar seminar is the most important element to get a job offer. Dennis Guthrie highlights what you need to know.

Interviewing & Negotiating

Interview Savvy: How to Showcase Your Experience

Don't forget: you're there to sell yourself, according to Dennis Guthrie.

Interview Savvy: Be a Team Player

Dennis Guthrie tells why it's essential to demonstrate you have the skills to be a strong team player.

Interview Savvy: How to Make A Great First Impression

Dennis Guthrie reminds us that how you present yourself is a significant part of your message. 

Interview Savvy: How to Exceed Expectations

As an interviewer, Dennis Guthrie is looking for someone who will excel in the job--not just do it!

Interview Savvy: Describe the Job You Want

Come to the interview prepared to talk about the job you want to do, says Dennis Guthrie.

How to Negotiate Your Salary and Benefits

Meredith Dow helps you make sense of your options when talking about salary, benefits, equity, etc.

Succeeding on the Job

How to be a Successful Scientist - Part 1

Darren Griffin reveals the first 5 commandments to proactively create that opportunity and define your scientific success!

How to be a Successful Scientist - Part 2

Darren Griffin describes the final 5 commandments to proactively create that opportunity and define your scientific success!

What Environment Creates Great Ideas

Nick Conti tells why an uncritical environment and a diverse group of thinkers is essential to idea generation.


How to Generate Quality Ideas

Being successful starts with separating idea generation from evaluation, according to Nick Conti.

Writing Tips

Writing Successful Science Proposals

Celia Elliot gives tips for the first—and perhaps only—thing a reviewer will read in your proposal.

Technical Writing: How to Simplify Sentences

Make your scientific writing easy to understand with proven techniques from Kristin Sainani.

Technical Writing: How to Use Verbs

Make the most of these action words with quick, easy tips. Kristin Sainani tells you how.