Understanding Members' Interest



Workshop Description

All really great leaders demonstrate two very different but highly complementary skill sets:

  • The ability to articulate a vision or direction for the group that focuses the energy of people in a common direction,
  • The ability to understand the interests, values, talents and concerns of individual members of the group so that the vision represents a direction in which individual members want to go.

What You Will Learn

Overall current demographics of the Society, and understanding the demographics of a given unit in the Society. This part would include attention to diversity demographics, as a foundation for attention to inclusion as a leadership characteristic.

Techniques for understanding the interests and talents in a given unit in the Society. These techniques include a basic survey of how to conduct:

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • How to translate insights into direction for the unit
  • The importance of and techniques for communicating results back to the membership

Who Should Attend This Course?

After completing this program, a member will be able to describe:

  • The current demographic data on membership in the Society, and what those demographics indicate about potential areas of interest
  • The advantages and disadvantages of three main research techniques (interview, focus group, survey)
  • How to conduct each of the three types of research