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Strategic Planning Retreats for ACS Governance Groups

The ACS Leadership Development System® offers facilitated Strategic Planning Retreats (SPRs) for ACS governance groups. The SPRs provide participants with the opportunity to apply the strategic planning process used by the Society to their group. ACS members serve as retreat facilitators and peer mentors guiding participants though the process of defining or redefining their group's mission statement and developing a portfolio of goals along with prioritized lists of strategies to meet these goals. Most importantly, the retreat provides an opportunity for group leaders to coalesce around an actionable strategic plan and a clear direction to move forward as a team.

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On-site Training for your Employees

ACS Leadership Development System® courses are specifically designed for ACS members, thereby addressing the unique leadership needs of chemical professionals. Our courses can be tailored to meet your organizations specific needs, delivered at your site, and at the convenience of your schedule. To learn more about conducting one of the ACS Leadership Development System® courses for your organization, please call (800) 227-5558 ext. 6015 or email

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