ACS and You


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ACS and You is compatible with any Macintosh or Windows computer that has any version of Firefox or MS Internet Explorer version 7.0 and above.

This course describes the mission of ACS and the history of the organization. It provides a thorough description of the structure of the organization; the purpose and main activities of each structural unit (local sections, regions, divisions, and committees); and the responsibilities of leaders in each role. It also describes the events ACS sponsors, the purpose of each, and the kinds of resources ACS makes available to its members. Finally, it provides a brief overview of the ACS Leadership Development System.

Instructional Objectives

After completing this program, a member or potential member will be able to describe:


  • The history and mission of ACS
  • Business issues facing the ACS
  • The structure of the organization and the main functions of each unit
  • Opportunities for participation as a volunteer and as a leader (with the personal and professional benefits they can expect from this participation)
  • The supporting resources the organization makes available to its members
  • The leadership learning system designed to support volunteers as participants and as leaders.



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