Facilitated Courses Schedule

As part of the ACS Leadership Development System®, our four-hour facilitated courses address essential leadership compentencies while providing hands-on learning and networking opportunities. Courses are offered throughout the year at ACS national, regional and local section meetings as well as the Leadership Institute.


Upcoming Courses - There are no courses at this time. Check back for updates.

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Personal Capability Competency

Fostering Innovation

Gain the understanding and tools to help you tap into your innovation style and learn how to stimulate innovative thinking among team members and colleagues.

Leading without Authority

Learn how to gain cooperation without formal authority and motivate others to accomplish important goals.

Interpersonal Skills Competency

Engaging Colleagues in Dialogue

Learn how to improve your one-to-one communication skills for more effective results and assess your skills through conversations with others.

Coaching and Feedback

Learn how to increase performance, expand the skills of your team, encourage creativity and improve the morale of team members.

Developing Communication Strategies

Develop and practice your own effective communication strategy and discover how communication can make your goals possible.

Focusing on Results

Engaging & Motivating Volunteers

Learn practical tools to engage volunteers and to ensure successful and professional rewarding assignments, for the purpose of encouraging volunteer participation in future assignments.

Collaborating Across Boundaries

Learn strategies and tools to be more effective in leading collaborative efforts. Gain practical skills that can be applied immediately in the lab, at school, in the office or at ACS.

Setting A Clear Direction

Leading Change

Learn a step-wise process that will guide you to lead your team effectively through change.


Strategic Planning

Improve your understanding of the planning process and take advantage of the opportunity to develop your own strategic plan that aligns with the ACS Board of Director’s strategic goals.

Character Compentency

Extraordinary Leaders (8-hour facilitated course)

Use personal feedback on your leadership competencies to create a plan for developing your leadership strengths to become an extraordinary leader.