January 9-10, 2021

ACS Leadership Institute Experience

This exciting weekend will feature track-based training and development as well as all-attendee sessions and networking events. 

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What is the ACS Leadership Institute Experience?

The Leadership Institute is an annual invitation-only conference where ACS leaders come together to learn both management and leadership skills to enable them to be successful leaders within the American Chemical Society.

2021 Virtual Experience Kicks Off January 9-10

Given continuing attention to safety associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 event will be transformed into the ACS Leadership Institute Experience — a 9-month engagement that promotes ongoing learning, development, and training for ACS volunteer leaders. The kick-off weekend will be held virtually January 9 – 10, 2021. This exciting weekend will feature track-based training and development as well as all-attendee sessions and networking events. 

Ongoing Engagement 

Foundational and advanced leadership development courses will be offered virtually in January, May and July 2021 and will promote ongoing engagement across tracks. Track refreshers, occurring virtually in February, April and June 2021 will allow for ongoing engagement within each track. An in-person culminating event is planned for August 2021, immediately preceding the ACS National Meeting in Atlanta, GA.

This approach for the 2021 ACS Leadership Institute Experience will allow us to attend to safety associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, promote ongoing training and development, and reinforce content introduced during the January track programming.

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Sessions have been developed for the following groups of leaders: Division Leaders, Local Section Leaders, New National Committee Chairs, and Younger Chemists Leaders.

What is the goal of the Institute?

The goal of the Leadership Institute is to support and enhance the creation of ACS leaders. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn their new volunteer role responsibilities;
  • Share best practices;
  • Develop leadership and management skills;
  • Foster new peer-to-peer networks;
  • Understand the ACS structure and operations; and
  • Identify key support contacts.

What tracks are offered at the Leadership Institute?

Delegates register for one of four tracks. The content in each track is tailored to meet the specific needs of each group. Track content is designed to prepare leaders by covering the “nuts & bolts” training needed to effectively manage their groups. 

How do I determine which leadership courses are right for me?

  • Review the course descriptions to determine which courses are best for your leadership development ​​
  • Choose two 4-hour leadership courses or the 8-hour Extraordinary Leader Workshop unless your session leaders have already pre-arranged for you to be in specific course.

What is the Leadership Development System?

  • The ACS Leadership Development System (ACS LDS) is a comprehensive set of facilitated and e-learning leadership courses that were developed to help ACS leaders be more effective in their professional and volunteer positions. ​​​​​​​
  • All Leadership Institute attendees should take the prerequisite  ACS and You course before coming to the Institute. This is an online course and explains the mission, vision, and structure of the American Chemical Society.

Who will I meet during the ACS Leadership Institute?

  • Members of the ACS Presidential Succession
  • Members of the ACS Board of Directors
  • ACS Local Section Leaders
  • ACS Division Leaders & Program Chairs
  • National Committee Chairs
  • Student Leaders
  • Younger Chemist Leaders
  • ACS Staff


Please contact leaders@acs.org.