Marketing and Communications Consultant

Carol Duane

The two passions in Carol’s life are chemistry and tennis. Through tennis, she has learned teamwork and how to win and lose, be aggressive, and exercise mental toughness. As captain of a women’s U.S. Tennis Association tennis team for many years, she has a mastery of diplomacy! What started as a way to get some exercise has been woven into the fabric of her professional life, like her involvement with ACS.

Through ACS, she has learned leadership skills; established a network of professional colleagues; honed organizational, strategic planning, and presentation skills; and made lifelong friendships. A major benefit of ACS involvement for Carol was the opportunity it afforded to interact with other women professionals and managers. Carol found colleagues willing to share experiences and advice, as well as friendships that have provided incomparable personal and mentoring support throughout the years.

Carol recently started her own business in marketing communications, business development, and event planning in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sector. She couples her 20 years of experience in custom chemical manufacturing and preclinical drug development with analytical and problem-solving skills to communicate effectively with scientists, engineers, executives, and customers.

As an ACS member and volunteer, Carol is chair of the ACS Committee on Committees (ConC) Leadership Development Task Force. She has served as the Northeastern Ohio Local Section councilor and chair of the ACS Division of Chemical Information. She has also been a member of the Division Activities Committee, the Membership Activities Committee, and ConC. Carol comments, “Serving in these various capacities gives me a way to give back to the Society for all the benefits I have received and help other industry members do likewise.”