Chemical & Laboratory Safety

Chemists understand that working with chemicals and developing new materials and chemical processes involve some degree of risk. Specific incidents in academic, industrial, and public settings emphasize the need for clear focus on safety throughout the chemistry enterprise.

News & Announcements

Expertise in Safety

Division of Chemical Health and Safety (DCHAS) 
Pursues research into all elements of chemical and laboratory safety, including technical and management aspects.

Technical Programming
Many ACS technical divisions include symposia in their programs at ACS meetings.

Support to Educators

ACS Education
Promotes excellence in science education and community outreach.

Society Committee on Education (SOCED)
Focuses ACS educational activities on critical chemistry education issues.

Safety Committee of the Division of Chemical Education (CHED)
For chemistry and science educators, provides strategies and resources.

Committee on Professional Training (CPT)
Promotes postsecondary chemistry education excellence and the professional training of chemists.

American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT)
Provides materials for its community of K–12 teachers of chemistry.

ACS Publications requires authors of technical papers to identify hazards and risk management strategies associated with the work they describe.

The Safety Zone, by C&EN
This blog covers chemical safety issues in academic and industrial research labs, as well as in manufacturing.

ACS values safety at the foundational level, through safety’s inclusion as a core strategic value and its position on safety in the chemistry enterprise.

ACS Strategic Plan

ACS Position Statement on Safety in the Chemistry Enterprise  

Professionals, academicians, and educators across ACS provide a wealth of material to support chemical and laboratory safety.