Safety Culture

Devastating incidents in laboratories remind us that safety requires constant, systematic attention.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility” is a mantra that sets the tone for safety in an organization. It reflects the safety ethic. It is a simple reminder that safety culture is personal, and that everyone has a role ensuring a safe environment for all.

The Safety Ethic

I work safely,
value safety,
prevent at-risk behavior, promote safety, and
accept responsibility for safety.

Building positive attitudes toward safety requires leadership and continual reinforcement of safety’s importance.

Strong safety cultures are seen in organizations that:

  • Actively lead and manage safety throughout the organization
  • Teach basic laboratory and chemical safety
  • Embody safety attitudes, safety awareness, and safety ethics
  • Learn from incidents
  • Collaborate interactively to build a safety culture
  • Promote and communicate safety
  • Fund safety programs and supplies

ACS is committed to supporting strong safety cultures in organizations throughout the chemistry enterprise.

Video: Laboratory Risk Assessment


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