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General Safety Rules

Instilling a general understanding of safety in the laboratory is the responsibility of the teacher. It is imperative to create a culture of safety in the science classroom from the first meeting of the class.

There are many resources to guide the educator in adopting an appropriate set of safety rules for a given laboratory setting.

The list of rules can be extensive. So, it is recommended that the list for the students be manageable and specific for a particular class and setting.

Guidelines should be given and explained to students. Providing a safety contract for the students and their parents (or guardians) to sign reinforces their commitment to safety.

A safety contract provides evidence that you, the teacher, take safety seriously and that you have a plan for operating a safe laboratory setting.

To ensure that students understand the class safety guidelines, it is recommended that each student demonstrate knowledge in an assessment, such as a quiz. The assessment demonstrates accountability that the students are familiar with the safety expectations in the laboratory and that the teacher emphasizes a culture of safety.

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