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RAMP Poster

Download and hang in your classroom to remind students to:
ecognize, Assess, Minimize, and Prepare!

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As a high school teacher or administrator, you have the opportunity to instill and foster a safety mindset in your students during some of their earliest exposures to science and laboratory work. The resources on this page will help guide your messaging and curriculum in a "safety" direction!

The following guidelines were developed with high school teachers in mind, using the RAMP framework for scientific safety.

  • Prepare for Emergencies from Uncontrolled Hazards
    • Emergency Preparation
      •   Recommended Safety Equipment
      •   Exits and Emergency Drills
      •   Emergency Response
    • Special Considerations
      •   Broken Glassware
      •  Fires
      •  Spills
      •   Mercury Spills
      •   Volatile Liquid Spills

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