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Environmental Science & Technology

Wind Turbines. Power Plant With Wind Turbine, Clean Energy Generator Wind Turbine In Wind Farm.

Release of Greenhouse Gases and Remediation/Mitigation Options

Review of the use of biochar  in climate change mitigation strategies

Change in catalytic converters in car fleets leads to lower carbon emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions from countries based on supply and demand of raw materials

Replacement chemicals that have less greenhouse gas effect

Biodiversity losses due to GHG and consumption patterns according to wealth

Swine manure release of ammonia and GHGs and management

Electric cars and electricity demands to charge them up and GHGs

Accounting for carbon release by country and lack of data

Carbon black release and climate forcing

CO2 emissions from glass, steel and cement makers

China switch from coal to shale gas but methane release may increase

Olivine weathering and alkaline seas as CO2 capture

Secondary organic aerosols formation and climate

Food production and GHG release and carbon capture of forests

Freshwater production using electricity and GHG emissions

CO2 emissions from freight transportation

Methane emission from thermafrost areas

Methane release from gas-fueled vehicles

Lability of arctic soil organic matter with global warming and carbon release

Methane emissions from gas flares

Beef cattle and GHG

Aircraft emit GHGs and carbon black, a climate change forcer

GHG emissions and water demands for biofuel production in Brazil versus USA

Electricity production in emerging economies - low carbon strategies

GHG emissions from global tobacco and cigarette production

Permafrost melting and release of GHG nitrous oxide (N2O)

Reassessing food delivery, use and waste and cities in improving GHG emissions in food production

Mitigation strategies to reduce methane emissions globally