Chemistry in Context Workshops

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At this time, all of our workshops for 9e are complete. The 10th edition will be available in 2020, at which time we'll host workshops to support the new edition. If you have any questions about 9e, please contact ACS Textbooks Manager, Emily Abbott, at

Teach Context With Confidence  

Chemistry in Context Workshops are developed to ensure you are well-prepared to use the text and lab manual with your students. You have a short amount of time with your students; make every minute count.

After this two-day workshop, you will know how to successfully use the text to hook your students on chemistry. You will be prepared and you will save time because the author team will familiarize you with the material—old and new.

Get Personalized Training  

After you register, you'll be asked to fill out a questionaire so the workshop includes the content that interests you the most. You'll get what you need for your classroom straight from the experts.

Learn the Text's Content and Teaching Strategies

The lab is where the action happens. This is why the workshop takes time to delve into new additions to the lab manual and text. 

  • Strengthen your students' connection between chemistry and current events.
  • Get tips on investigation and assessment.
  • Learn how to adjust lab investigations into demos or take-home experiments.
  • Become familiar with the Science Writing Heuristic.

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The 9th edition features the following new topics:

  • The chemistry in portable electronics, such as smartphones and tablets
  • Chemistry's connection to food
  • How to solve a crime: forensic chemistry