New Faculty Workshop Application FAQs

  • Is this New Faculty Workshop the same as the Cottrell Scholars Collaborative New Faculty Workshop?

    Yes. The Cottrell Scholars Collaborative and the Research Corporation for Science Advancement have partnered with the American Chemical Society on the New Faculty Workshop series. Much of the workshop format is the same as the previously named Cottrell Scholars Collaborative New Faculty Workshop, and many Cottrell Scholars continue to serve as facilitators. 

  • Who is eligible to apply for the New Faculty Workshop?

    Applicants must be in their first, second, or third year of appointment at their institution to be eligible, and preference will be given to faculty in chemistry departments or who clearly demonstrate research and teaching within chemistry. More senior faculty will be considered on a space-available basis only. Early career faculty from two-year colleges as well as from four-year institutions are encouraged to apply.

  • Do I need to have a faculty appointment to apply?

    Yes; this workshop is for faculty with a current appointment or those who have a contract and start date. You are eligible to apply to a workshop occurring prior to your start date. We are unable to accommodate postdoctoral scholars but encourage them to consider the ACS Postdoc to Faculty Workshops.

  • What does this workshop focus on?

    The New Faculty Workshops focus on sharing and developing essential skills that faculty need to successfully navigate the early years of their research and teaching careers. The workshop is very intentionally structured around the primary topic of active learning; participants will work towards presenting a 7-10 minute lesson in small groups using the techniques demonstrated throughout the workshop. 

  • Does this workshop cover grant/proposal writing?

    The New Faculty Workshops focus on active learning, but aim to address a number of topics that are important to early career faculty. These additional topics include mentoring, laboratory safety, research group management, time management, diversity, and grant writing. Faculty interested in learning about the proposal writing process would likely benefit from the discussions at this event, but should also consider more focused grant writing workshops, webinars, or other events (e.g., from the NSF or NIH) if funding is the primary concern.

  • I don’t run a research group; am I still eligible?


  • I understand that applications are reviewed by an Advisory Board; what are these Advisory Board members looking for in an ideal candidate?

    The New Faculty Workshop Advisory Board reviewers are looking for faculty who are in the early stages of their career at two- or four-year colleges who show strong interest in teaching, are supported by their department chair, and intend to mentor students in teaching and/or research. 

  • I have held previous appointments at other institutions (e.g., lecturer, lab coordinator) but am new to my current institution and feel that I would benefit from this workshop. Am I eligible to apply?

    While we are generally only able to accept the faculty who fall within the eligibility requirements noted above, we do our best to accommodate faculty who the Advisory Board feels are still within the early stages of their career and would strongly benefit from attending the workshop. Each application is carefully reviewed, and more senior faculty are considered on a case-by-case basis.

    We recognize that many faculty are in the position of being new to an institution but not necessarily being new as a chemistry faculty member. For this reason, we are hoping to create future workshops that are structured to support more experienced faculty who are still eager to develop and implement active learning in their classroom. 

  • What should be discussed in the letter of support from my department chair?

    The New Faculty Workshop application requires a letter of support from your department chair (or another appropriate department or campus leader who knows you well). These workshops are increasingly competitive and because we simply cannot accommodate all applicants, a strong letter of support will help you stand out amongst a large group of highly qualified faculty applicants.

    The letter of support should indicate why you are a strong candidate for this workshop; in particular, it is good to discuss what courses you have or will be teaching and how your new knowledge of active learning strategies will impact your students and your department. Additionally, if your department or campus is exploring ways of incorporating novel teaching approaches, these are good to highlight. Your chair is also encouraged to describe any additional honors or accomplishments that they feel contribute to your ongoing success in the department.

    If you are outside the eligibility requirements noted above but still feel that you would benefit from the workshop, a strong letter of support from your department chair can help the reviewers fill in any gaps or answer questions as to why you may be an appropriate candidate. 

  • Can multiple faculty from the same institution apply for the same workshop?

    Yes. We have found that having multiple participants from the same department creates an additional level of support once the faculty are actually teaching!

  • When should I expect to receive a decision on my application?

    All completed applications are thoroughly reviewed; the review process usually takes a few weeks to complete. Any target deadlines will be communicated to you before and/or during the process. Please do not email regarding the status of your application within the review period. Thank you.

  • What does the ‘registration fee’ cover?

    The registration rates vary between workshops depending upon location and length of workshop. The registration fee covers all meals during the workshop, workshop materials, and usually covers any overnight lodging. This and other logistics information will be provided to accepted applicants well ahead of the workshop.

  • Are there scholarships available?

    Thanks to generous support from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, we are able to offer a limited number of half and full scholarships. These scholarships cover half or all of the registration fee noted above.