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  • Participate in the 2018 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad
    High school teachers and students are invited to participate in the 2018 Chemistry Olympiad competition. This program is a multi-tiered competition that promotes excellence in high school chemistry. Local qualifying competitions will be organized by Local Sections in March 2018 to select nominees to sit for the National Exam April 17-23, 2018. Four students will represent the US at the 50th International Chemistry Olympiad held jointly in Bratislava, Slovakia and Prague, Czech Republic July 19-29, 2018. More information at: . To participate, contact USNCO office at or 202-872-6328.

  • Chemistry in Context Workshop
    Join members of the writing team November 10–11th for a workshop about the textbook Chemistry in Context. While intended for non-majors at the college level, many high schools have adopted it to teach chemistry through a real-life lens. Note, the textbook's accompanying lab manual will be discussed and practiced at the workshop. For more information, visit

  • Webinar: Integrating Virtual Labs into the AP Chemistry Curriculum
    Sample simulation exercises will be demonstrated using ChemReaX, a chemical reaction simulation app.
    December 6 | 7PM ET

  • Webinar: Chemistry on a Budget
    Hear a firsthand experience of using Beyond Benign and find out about their other free resources.
    November 8 | 7PM ET
  • Plan Your Career with Ease for Using ChemIDP!
    ChemIDP is an Individual Development Plan tool designed specifically for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in the chemical sciences. Through immersive, self-paced activities, users identify career goals, determine specific skills needed for success, and develop a plan to achieve their professional goals. ChemIDP helps you track your progress and provides tips and strategies for realizing your goals. Fill yours out today at
  • The Best of ChemMatters: Connecting Science and Literacy
    Our new publication The Best of ChemMatters: Connecting Science and Literacy helps high school science teachers to connect STEM content, scientific literacy, and reading comprehension. It features 12 teacher-tested lesson plans based on articles from ChemMatters, an award-winning magazine.


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