ACS Kids Zone at the March for Science

On Saturday, April 22, the ACS Office of Science Outreach joined the Earth Day Network and other organizations on the National Mall in Washington D.C. for global teach-ins and the March for Science.

During the event, more than 900 people visited the ACS Kids Zone. Children participated in hands-on activities geared towards this year’s CCED theme, “Chemistry Helps Feed the World!” Activities included starch seach, learning about Magic Nuudles, extracting iron from breakfast cereal, and finding out about UV beads and blockers.

At the end of the event participants received a giveaway bag with a printed issue of Celebrating Chemistry, ACS’s biannual children’s publication with fun hands-on activities and articles, and other goodies.

Download ACS Kids Zone Experiments
Starch Search: Discover which foods contain starch and which do not. We will test for the molecule in foods with the same detector pens used to distinguish counterfeit dollar bills, which contain starch, from real money.
Magic Nuudles: Using biodegradable building blocks made from cornstarch, create fun shapes out of Magic Nuddles and learn about polymers.
Iron for Breakfast: Is your cereal magnetic? Let’s see! Using strong magnets, we will pull iron, an essential nutrient, from breakfast cereals. Kids and parents alike are amazed at the amounts of this element that can be found in delicious food!
UV Detecting Beads and UV Blockers: Using UV detecting beads and UV blockers, come explore which products help protect our skin, eyes and medicine from being damaged by UV light.  

To read more about the day's event and to see more photos visit Chemical & Engineering News.

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Bill Nye (left) and Professor Molenium (right) at the March for Science.
Children conduct experiments at the ACS Kids Zone at the March for Science.
Participants wait outside the ACS Kids Zone tent during the March for Science rally.