CCED At-A-Glance

Chemistry Helps Feed the World
April 22, 2017

This year’s theme investigates agriculture and the role chemistry plays in feeding the world.

Community Event
Learn how to plant a community garden in your local area.

Illustrated Poem Contest
Host or participate in a local contest for K-12 students focused on this year’s CCED theme.

Celebrating Chemistry
Order or download the National Science Education Standards-aligned hands-on activity publication for elementary school students (grades 4-6).

Check out ChemMatters, a magazine that helps high school students find connections between chemistry and the world around them.

Each year Chemists Celebrate Earth Day reaches millions of people with positive messages about the contributions of chemistry.

Join in the celebration of CCED 2017!

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day is a program of the
American Chemical Society’s Office of Science Outreach.

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