Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED) 2013 Illustrated Poem Contest Winners

Excellent Poems Teach Us to Embrace Our Earth

Congratulations to the winners of the CCED 2013 Illustrated Poem Contest!

CCED is a community-based annual event that takes place on or around April 22 each year. CCED unites ACS local sections, businesses, schools, and individuals in communicating the positive role of chemistry and raising environmental awareness.

As part of the CCED 2013 celebration, students from grades K-12 were invited to share their interpretation of this year's theme, “Our Earth: Handle with Care!”, in the form of illustrated poems.

Winners at the local section level qualified for the national contest. At the national level, first- and second-place prizes were awarded in four categories.

Thank you to all schools and local sections that participated!

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Categories and Winners

Grades K-2

1st Place

Leone Titolo, 2nd Grade, Bishop Dunn Memorial School
Mid-Hudson Local Section

2nd Place

Madden Alpaugh, 1st Grade, Stone Academy
Western Carolinas Local Section

Grades 3-5

1st Place

Adrienne O'Rourke, 4th Grade, Moravian Academy Lower School
Lehigh Valley Local Section

2nd Place

Tyana Young, 5th Grade, W.G. Nunn Elementary School
Southwest Georgia Local Section

Grades 6-8

1st Place

Alyssa Cregan, 8th Grade, Onondaga Central School
Syracuse Local Section

2nd Place

Arnav Lal, 7th Grade, Sterling School
Western Carolinas Local Section

Grades 9-12

1st Place

Frances N. David Vega, 12th Grade, Ramón JosÉ DÁvila High School
Puerto Rico Local Section

2nd Place

Sierra Wu, 10th Grade, Dunlap High School
Illinois Heartland Local Section