Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Themes

The American Chemical Society began celebrating Earth Day in 2003. Each year the Committee on Community Activities chooses an annual theme to help give direction and variety to that year’s celebration.

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED) theme names will not repeat, but they will rotate through the general topics of water, atmosphere, plants/soil and recycling.

Although the materials below are from past celebrations, they cover topics that will always be relevant to chemistry and earth.

Current Theme

CCED 2017 theme is "Chemistry Helps Feed the World" and will explore the topics on agriculture including chemistry of fertilizers.

Future Theme

In 2018, CCED is changing to Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW). The theme of CCEW 2018 will be "Dive Into Marine Chemistry" and will explore the topic of oceans.

Year & Topic Theme Name - Main Focus
2018 Oceans   Dive Into Marine Chemistry
CCEW 2018 will discuss the chemistry of water from the ocean. 
2017 Agriculture Chemistry Helps Feed the World
CCED 2017 will examine the chemistry of fertilizers and grains.
2016 Indoor The Great Indoors – Your  Home's Ecosystem
CCED 2016 covers the topics of indoor air, mold, water, and indoor plants.  
2015 Atmosphere Climate Science—More Than Just A Weather Report!
CCED 2015 explored climate science and the role chemistry plays in the environment.
2014 Water  The Wonders of Water
CCED 2014 explored the unique properties of water that are crucial for life and a cleaner environment.
2013 "Best of" all topics
Our Earth: Handle with Care!
The 10th anniversary of CCED incorporated the "best of" all areas from past CCED years (recycling, energy, soil/plants, air, water).
2012 Recycling Rethinking Recycling—It’s Easy to Be Green!
CCED 2012 focused on the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
2011 Alternative Energy Energy – It’s Everywhere!
CCED 2011 examined viable, alternative energy sources as a key aspect of sustainability.
2010 Plants & Soil Plants - The Green Machines!
CCED 2010 covered the chemistry of and uses of plants.
2009 Atmosphere Air—The Sky is the Limit
CCED 2009 informed the public about ways to reduce one’s carbon emissions and thus human’s environmental impact on the planet.
2008 Water Streaming Chemistry
CCED 2008 investigated the Earth’s water supply and how we can better sustain it.
2007 Recycling Recycling—Chemistry Can!
CCED 2007 highlighted recyclable materials, how materials are sorted and ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.
2006 Plants & Soil Dig It!
CCED 2006 explored the layers of the soil, movement of soil and erosion as well as movement of water and nutrients from the soil to plants.
2005 Atmosphere Air—Here, There Everywhere
CCED 2005 looked at the different types of clouds, their chemical make-up, and their role in the water cycle.
2004 Water What Do You Know About H2O?
CCED 2004 discussed water chemistry with an emphasis on the pH of water and other common substances, including rainwater from the local area.
2003 Trees
(pilot year)
CCED 2003 emphasized the important role trees play in cleaning our air, as well as the effects acid rain can have on trees in a particular area.

Celebrating Chemistry Archive

Visit the ACS Network to access all Celebrating Chemistry editions published prior to 2017.