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CCEW Industry Participation

Simple Ways for Companies to Participate in CCEW

Increase CCEW awareness at your place of work.

Organize an internal message to all employees describing CCEW, its current theme and why and how your company is participating.

Host a CCEW event.

Organize a student/youth event (on site or otherwise) that emphasizes chemical innovation occurring at your place of work, the steps used to promote green chemistry as well as the importance of chemistry in everyday life. Employees and local section volunteers can perform hands-on chemistry demonstrations for students and take students and parents on a tour of the facility. Utilize science activities to illustrate chemistry concepts for elementary school students. Work with your nearest ACS local section to help plan, staff and organize this event.

Create a press release to distribute to local media highlighting CCEW and your company event.

Incorporate CCEW marketing materials into your brand.

Add CCEW graphics and the following tag line to your company website, emails, social media and any advertising campaigns:

Our company is proud to join the American Chemical Society for Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW). Visit to find out more.

Document the event with photos, video and articles and distribute them widely.

Send to local media, applicable newsletters as well as via email, social media and your company intranet.

Don't Forget to Tell Us About Your Success.

Send a blurb to your local CCEW Coordinator on how your company celebrated Earth Day. Your industry activity may be nominated for an award, such as an ACS ChemLuminary Award.

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