Chemistry Patch List of Activities

Complete two activities from any category (A-D) from the list below to qualify for one of the annual theme-related chemistry patches.

Category A: Serving the Community

  • Clean up a local park, stream or roadway, and discuss the chemistry involved.
  • Beautify the community by planting trees or flowers.
  • Conduct an athletic equipment, soap, or food drive for a local food bank or charity.
  • Prepare a presentation about chemistry’s positive role in an environmental factor (i.e. water testing, monitoring the weather, testing soil or air) and present to a community group.
  • Conduct hands-on activities for younger children related to the CCED or NCW theme.

Category B: Learning about Chemistry

  • Arrange a tour of a chemical plant or facility with a member of the ACS local section.
  • Invite an ACS local section member to speak at an activity or event, to discuss the chemistry behind things that people use every day and the connections to the environment.
  • Choose an aspect of chemistry related to the theme and visit a museum that has an exhibit on this topic.
  • Adopt a stream and learn about the important chemistry in streams or conduct a recycling campaign and learn about the process of recycling materials (i.e. glass, aluminum, plastic, yard waste).
  • Explore the ACS website and write a short essay about an interesting topic.

Category C: Having Fun with Chemistry

  • Sponsor a booth/table at a CCED or NCW event to present “hands-on” science activities, have a temporary tattoo or face-painting table at a CCED or NCW event and explain the chemistry.
  • Help promote CCED or NCW activities at an ACS local section event by carrying signs advertising the event at a strategic location, e.g. at the entrance, or inside the lobby of a mall/museum to direct people to the right level/location within the building.
  • Enter the nationally sponsored CCED or NCW K-12 poem contests through your ACS local section.
  • Attend local section activities.

Category D: Learning about Careers in Chemistry

  • Write an essay or draw a poster that tells about, or depicts a famous chemist.
  • Invite local chemists to a group meeting to tell about what they do at work.
  • Partner with your ACS local section members to provide “job shadow” opportunities for a designated day during or close to the dates for CCED or NCW.
  • Review the NCW Celebrating Chemistry publication entitled “The Many Faces of Chemistry” and its profiles of 10 different chemists. Create a profile of a chemist in your area.