Adopt-a-Stream Public Relations Plan

The Local Section Public Relations Guide provides a very detailed description of how to publicize a program including the suggested timeline below.

Adopt-a-Stream Program Overview

Some communities have enough interest to warrant a city, county or watershed Adopt-A-Stream program. A community program can coordinate the efforts of many volunteers and provide local insight and resources to water quality protection. A community program will usually be organized by local agencies, such as Clean and Beautiful Commission, a public utility, national organizations, a college, or a state planning department.

Adopt-A- Stream Talking Points

  • Increases public awareness of water quality issues
  • Conveys our concern for water quality and the environment to the next generation
  • Encourages individuals to take personal responsibility for the quality of local waterways.
  • This program provides citizens with the tools and training to evaluate and protect their local waterways.
  • This program encourages partnerships between citizens and their local government.
  • Our quality of life is directly related to the quality of the rivers, streams and wetlands around us.
  • The water we have now is all the water we’ll ever have (Water Cycle).
  • Regular monitoring provides specific information about the health of our local streams and other water bodies.

PR Timeline

6 months before program begins:

  • Determine site for project
  • Take “before” pictures – What did site look like before the program?
  • Determine the message (e.g. outreach, education, partnerships, service)
  • Determine the audiences (local media, national media, partner’s outlets for media)
  • Prepare materials (media release(s), invitations, signage, t-shirts, online products)

2 weeks before program begins:

  • Invite the public through media outlets (television, radio, newspaper, Internet)
  • Identify the spokesperson and key messages
  • Gather sample data from site to use in key messages
  • Depending on the news outlet timing send media release
    (Note: do not ignore local media)

2 days before program begins:

  • Make follow-up phone calls to the media

Day of the Event

  • Send summary of the event and photos to the media
  • Upload summary of the event and photos to the SOP webpage

After the Event

  • Send notes of appreciation to participants and organizers.