Share K-12 Educational Resources with a Teacher

It’s back-to-school season and elementary, middle, and high school teachers are gearing up for a new year. Help the K-12 teachers in your life teach inspirational and educational science lessons by introducing them to outstanding resources developed by the American Chemical Society.

Elementary School

Science for Kids
A collection of 142 hands-on science activities kids can do at home or at school

Inquiry in Action
Hands-on inquiry-based lessons that cover physical science topics in the curriculum

Middle School


Middle School Chemistry: Big Ideas about the Very Small
A complete hands-on chemistry curriculum that includes images and animations to help students learn about the world of atoms and molecules

High School


ChemMatters Magazine
Articles arranged by topic that reveal that chemistry in our daily lives

ByteSize Science Videos and Podcasts
A collection of videos and podcasts covering current events in chemistry

ACS ChemClub
Free activity ideas, support, and grants to help teachers start and maintain an official ACS High School Chemistry Club

ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Grant
Grants to transform student learning in high school chemistry classrooms