Kids & Chemistry Success Stories

Groups from around the country maintain thriving outreach activities through the Kids & Chemistry program. Learn more about the impact and structure of each group by reading below.


  • Dr. Bob Botto, ExxonMobil
    Dr. Botto has been affiliated with Kids & Chemistry since the pilot program in 1993. He uses official Kids & Chemistry kits along with activities and demonstrations he has gathered over the years. Currently, Dr. Botto oversees and conducts classroom visits, special events, and volunteer training sessions. His group has approximately 100 trained volunteers who reach over 3,000 kids each year. This volunteer group conducts classroom visits, events to encourage specific groups of students in science, and chemistry shows.
  • Dr. Walter Seigl, Detroit Local Section
    Dr. Seigl works with five co-chairs to organize and participate in large events for schoolchildren. Approximately 60 volunteers come from the Detroit ACS Local Section and four ACS Student Chapter groups. They serve over 1,000 children each year with demonstrations, hands-on activities, and opportunities to speak one-on-one with a chemist about what chemists do. Their demonstrations are tied to hands-on activities for children. Events range from participation in outdoor festivals, the local science museum, and a school-sponsored Career Choices program. The Detroit Local Section has a regular set of hands-on activities they conduct.
  • Mrs. Sue Procell, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
    Mrs. Procell organizes a group of scientists from Aberdeen Proving Ground’s Edgewood Chemical Biological Center. This Kids & Chemistry group teaches 5th graders in the Harford County Public Schools science lessons they have developed on polymers, chromatography, and chemical change. They also organize events at libraries and other venues which serve students in elementary through high school. This group focuses on providing hands-on science experiences for students because, as Sue says, “Once they try science, you’ve won them over.”
  • Dr. Martha Hollomon, Delaware Local Section
    The Delaware Local Section conducts a variety of activities for elementary school students throughout the year. Last year, not only were the children excited about science, but volunteers from 10 different companies, the senior chemist group (ChemVets), four colleges, and 75 area schools were energized as well. The Delaware Section brought science to elementary schools, scout troops, libraries, and museums. Nearly 2,000 students benefited from the Kids & Chemistry programming put on by the Delaware section.

Curriculum Development

  • Dr. Jack Collette, Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics
    As a retired chemist, Dr. Colette is a senior consultant for the Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics. This organization brings the voice of business and industry to standards-based K-12 science and math education. His work on the policy end of science education is a model of one significant way chemists can work to improve science education in their areas. Dr. Colette was instrumental in the development of an education lending library for teachers, which manages Delaware’s kit-based science program, including professional development for teachers.

"We need to capture the imagination of kids as early as possible in the sciences. This is one opportunity that may make a difference."

— Alan Samuels, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center