National Chemistry Week Community Event

NCW 2015 Community Event – Donate Art Supplies

Many of the activities described in Chemistry Colors Our World involve art supplies – crayons, paints, pencils, art paper and poster board.  We encourage you to collect, or save your left over art supplies and find a shelter or group in your community to share them with.

You can donate supplies to your local school for the kids who cannot afford them.  Your donations could brighten up a child’s day.

Tips to collect organize and donate:

  • Contact your local school or a local agency such as Goodwill to see if they accept donations for the art supplies.
  • Once you know where to donate, have a donation collection drive.
  • Organize all the supplies in cardboard boxes (ex: all pencils in one box, paint in another box)
  • Ask your friends and community to join you in this cause. 
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