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Battery Recycling

All batteries, even rechargeable batteries, eventually stop working. Since batteries contain certain metals that can be toxic to the environment, they shouldn't be thrown out. Also remember that broken cell phones have batteries in them as well as disposable cameras and laptop computers! The plastic casings of most batteries can be recycled as well. However, don’t attempt to dismantle the battery! Battery recycling is a specialist operation, so you have to seek out places to recycle them. A good place to start is your county’s website or waste management authority.

Start a battery collection service in our community:

  1. Start your recycling campaign with a goal.
  2. Setup a collection location with an appropriate receptacle to collect batteries.
  3. Try not to use paper or cardboard. Label the container “Battery Recycling”.
  4. Once the drive is over, collect batteries and battery-containing devices such as cell phones and separate them by type.
  5. Once you've collected them, take them to a local recycling facility. Stores that sell electronics may also collect used batteries.

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