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Chemists Catalyze Change

Chemists are catalysts for positive scientific and social change in communities everywhere.

  • Chemists invent solutions to the world’s biggest and most pressing problems.
  • Chemists teach and support excellence in science education.
  • Chemists encourage diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect inside and outside the lab.
  • Chemists advocate for more funding of scientific research and STEM education.

The goal of the NCW 2021 Community Event is to unite chemists, chemistry students, chemical professionals, sister society chapters (i.e., NOBCChE, SACNAS, AISES, etc.), and their local communities around a common cause or effort. There are so many ways you can catalyze change! Volunteer locally to advance a cause or organize a group to address a community need by:

  • Advocate for chemistry research and education on the NCW 2021 Chemistry Advocacy Day
  • Host a donation drive
  • Fundraise for local scholarships for students in underrepresented groups in STEM, consider the ACS Scholars Program
  • Conduct a park, river, or community clean-up
  • Partner with a local charity or community organization
  • Use or local volunteer portals to find opportunities

Chemists Catalyze Change buttons are available in the ACS Store to support the various ways you and your group will make change in your community.

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