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You can find your National Chemistry Week Coordinator in an ACS local section or International Chemical Sciences here.

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Ways to talk about the campaign

Use these suggested posts on social media to talk about the campaign, its activities, and its resources.

#NCW        #NationalChemistryWeek         #ChemistryMakesItGo         #ChemistsCatalyzeChange

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Join chemists across the world in celebrating #NationalChemistryWeek 2021 with the theme "Fast or Slow ... Chemistry Makes It Go!" from October 17–23. Explore the fast and slow world of reaction rates! #NCW #ChemistryMakesItGo #ChemistsCatalyzeChange www.acs.org/ncw

Want to engage local teachers and students in STEAM for #NationalChemistryWeek?! Contact your ACS local section coordinator today to get an illustrated poem contest started in your area! #NCW #ChemistryMakesItGo #ChemistsCatalyzeChange www.acs.org/ncw

Chemists are catalysts for positive scientific and social change in my commuinty because…(type in your answer)! #NCW #NationalChemistryWeek #ChemistryMakesItGo #ChemistsCatalyzeChange www.acs.org/ncw


Another idea to spread the word...
plan a networking happy hour!

Pick a bar, host trivia or a contest, and invite your friends and others to chat about chemistry.

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