Science Coaches–Teacher Tips

How much extra time does participation in Science Coaches take?

Teachers are asked to complete documentation forms and two short surveys throughout the academic year. The documentation forms record school official approval of program participation. 

Additional time may be spent integrating the science coach into lesson plans. The length of time for this process varies based on the teacher’s preference of the chemist’s role in the classroom.

Can a teacher serve as a Science Coach for another teacher?

A current teacher cannot be a Science Coach for another teacher. However, retired or former high school chemistry teachers and post-secondary educators may apply to be a Science Coach.

Is this program for new or experienced teachers?

Teachers at all levels of experience can benefit by having a Science Coach. 

  • New teachers find it beneficial to have extra help and someone to answer content questions.
  • Experienced teachers may better integrate another professional into their lesson planning.   

How can a teacher have a successful partnership with a Science Coach?

Communicate with your coach about expectations and classroom roles of the chemist prior to committing to the program ensures classroom roles are understood.

Not all coaches may be familiar with speaking to children. To help them adapt, teachers can give advice about developmentally appropriate content, and ways to positively motivate and speak with students.