What to Expect

Each Science Coaches partnership is different. Clear communication with your teacher is important to determine mutual goals and objectives for a successful school year.


Time requirements

One-on-One partnerships are required to meet face-to-face at least six times per school year.

Examples of coach activities

  • Help plan demonstrations, experiments, lessons
  • Present demonstrations, experiments, lessons
  • Incorporate Next Generation Science Standards into lessons and presentations
  • Organize and clean stockrooms or labs
  • Co-advise science clubs
  • Co-mentor students
  • Co-judge or help manage science fairs
  • Organize and plan a field trip
  • Demonstrate and explain real-world application of lessons and demonstrations
  • Serve as a science role model for students
  • Give a presentation about your job or field of study for students
  • Demonstrate and explain to teachers and students the chemistry found in other scientific fields (biology, earth science, marine science, etc.)

    These are just examples of some of the ways you can coach!


Time requirements

Coaches and teachers in Teams are required to post to their forum at least twice a month. However, teams are encouraged to supplement their online discussions with phone calls, Google hangouts, or Skype calls, depending on everyone’s comfort level.

Examples of coach activities

  • Answer chemistry questions
  • Research lessons or demonstrations that are grade-level and content-appropriate for teachers
  • Develop lesson plans, lab experiments, demonstrations
  • Incorporate Next Generation Science Standards into lessons and presentations
  • Host a virtual lab tour for teacher or students
  • Host a virtual demonstrations for students
  • Host a virtual presentation for teachers or students
  • Facilitate discussions with teachers
  • Provide advice on real-world application of lessons

    These are just some examples of the ways you can coach!

Are you a K–12 teacher of chemistry interested in participating in Science Coaches? All teachers must be members of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT). Learn about teacher participation»