ACS Science Coaches–Roles and Responsibilities

The ACS Science Coaches program is different from other ACS outreach programs because it is a long-term commitment to one teacher. ACS Science Coaches share their expertise and enthusiasm for science with an elementary, middle, or high school teacher over the course of one school year. Together, the chemist and teacher decide specifically what the chemist will do to meet both the needs of the teacher and the interests of the chemist.

Program Expectations of a Science Coach

Make six visits throughout the academic year

Working with the same teacher and students gives science coach visits a greater impact. Building a rapport with a teacher and students allows you to contribute to and observe student growth. Many students will view their science coach as their personal scientist. 

Stay for one class period 

Class periods typically last 45 minutes to one hour. Your visit can spent interacting with students or planning with the teacher. 

Share your experience

Throughout your Science Coach commitment, ACS will ask you to complete three short surveys describing your experience and to collect demographic information. The initial survey is the program application. Additional surveys will be sent in early and late spring. 

Role of a Science Coach

Be comfortable with a supporting role

As a chemist, you will be the classroom authority on science, but as a guest, you take a supporting role. Teachers may be sensitive about having another adult in the classroom. Assure the teacher that you intend to help meet curriculum goals. 

Share your expertise

Your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for science are a valuable contribution that only you can share. Make learning more meaningful by relating concepts to real-world applications. Science courses are hard work. Share with students what was motivating when you were a student, and what inspires you today.


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