ACS Guidelines and Recommendations for Teaching Middle and High School Chemistry

Welcome Middle School Teachers and Administrators

The updated guidelines now include information for teaching chemistry at the middle school level.

The Classroom and The Laboratory

This edition helps middle and high school chemistry teachers organize their classrooms and laboratories with confidence.

Core Concepts of Chemistry

Navigate the core concepts of chemistry based on recommended standards for middle school and high school students.


Chemistry lessons often include hands-on activities in the lab. ACS gives you a variety of tools to ensure your learning spaces, lesson plans, and materials are safe for you and your students.


These strategies are written specifically for chemistry teachers and address the challenges of helping students reach their fullest potential in chemistry.

Professional Development and Training

Your students need you to continue to expand your knowledge so they can keep up with a changing world. Check out opportunities for training and professional development and find out how you can be a part of a larger community of chemistry and physical science teachers. Connect your students to chemistry-related opportunities and activities.