Chemistry and Science Education Publications

Elementary and Middle School

Inquiry in Action (3-6)
Teach students chemistry-related physical science and the process of scientific inquiry with this guided resource. Includes activity sheets, student readings, assessments, and background information for teachers.

The Best of WonderScience (3-6)
This compilation of 600+ hands-activities teaches fundamental science concepts. Includes student activity sheets, science background information for teachers, and explanations of how activities support the National Science Education Standards.

Apples, Bubbles, and Crystals (Preschool–2)
Science meets the ABCs in this activity book for beginner readers. Kids learn the alphabet while having fun discovering science through easy-to-follow hands-on activities.

Sunlight, Skyscrapers, and Soda Pop (Preschool–2)
Follow brother-and-sister duo Sally and Sammy through kitchens, parks, and bathrooms as they discover that science is all around them. Activities feature illustrations and clear instructions.

High School

Journal of Chemical Education
World's premier chemical education journal publishing peer-reviewed articles and related information.

Chemistry in the Community
ChemCom explains concepts in the context of societal issues. Students learn chemistry on a need-to-know basis, evaluate data, and make decisions based on their knowledge and observations.

An award-winning publication featuring articles that reveal chemistry at work in everyday life. A teacher's guide includes background information on articles, hands-on activities, classroom demonstrations, and other resources.

Teaching Chemistry to Students with Disabilities
This teaching manual addresses the needs of students with learning and physical disabilities. Topics include classroom adaptations, testing and evaluation, computers in the classroom and laboratory, laboratory design, and laboratory safety.

Chemistry Solutions
Chemistry Solutions is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement online resource for K–12 teachers of chemistry. Each issue highlights innovative, creative ideas for the chemistry classroom.


Undergraduate and Graduate

Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist Magazine
Key career advice, events, news, and resources for graduate and postdoctoral scholars.


Journal of Chemical Education
World's premier chemical education journal publishing peer-reviewed articles and related information.

Chemistry in Context
The text for non-science majors that sets the standard for applying chemistry to societal issues. A laboratory manual supports the concepts presented. Other faculty resources include a digital content manager, a multimedia collection of visual resources, and a CD of the instructor’s resource guide.

General Chemistry
Using a new approach to teaching general chemistry, this textbook emphasizes understanding and reasoning principles in the context of biologically-important molecules.

inChemistry Magazine
The information hub for undergraduate chemistry students covering the college experience, graduate school, navigating the job market, professional skills development, innovative scientific advances, and ACS student chapter activities.

And Gladly Teach
Get an in-depth look at academic positions in chemistry through this guide, which includes guidance on preparing curriculum vitae, research proposals and a teaching philosophy statement.