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The Artificial Leaf: Copying Nature to Fight Climate Change

By Max G. Levy
Every living thing on Earth owes its life to a single process that arose billions of years ago: photosynthesis. Now, scientists are mimicking it to help reduce our fossil-fuel dependence that drives global warming.

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Open for Discussion: How to Read Science News and Spot Misinformation

With science-related news—including un-founded rumors—being released at a blistering pace on social media, we are constantly weighing the credibility of information. But how do we reliably do that?   

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Mars vs. Titan

Mars vs. Titan: A Showdown of Human Habitability

So far, no known planet—or moon—can match Earth’s Goldilocks conditions for life. Could we survive somewhere other than Earth?

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How to Make Fashion Sustainable

The clothing industry has been called out for years for its unsustainable practices. Now, scientists are tackling the complex challenge of clothes-to-clothes recycling.

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Celebrating Paper: Why Paper Thrives in a Digital World

Paper is an ancient invention, but its versatility for many uses from origami to packaging is unrivaled. Naturally, the key is in its chemistry!

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