February 2019 Issue


Open for Discussion: Should We Eat Like Our Stone-Age Ancestors?

Open for Discussion: Unpacking the Paleo Diet

By Michael Tinnesand

Many dieticians said there was no evidence that this lifestyle trend was beneficial. But today, proponents continue to promote it.


milk containers

Making Sense of Milk

By Frankie Wood-Black

The array of milk options on store shelves can be overwhelming. Breaking down their differences will help you choose which ones to try.

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half tan and half no tan face

What’s Sunless Tanner?

By Tien M. Nguyen

With that summer glow still a few months away, you might be interested in a faux glow. Here’s a primer on how tanning products work.

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periodic table background

The Periodic Table Turns 150

By David Warmflash

That iconic chart of elements in your classroom turns 150 this year! Celebrate with a look at its past and a peek into its intriguing future.

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Chancée Lundy interview
Chancée Lundy

Profile: Chancée Lundy Catalyzes Change

By Christine Suh

Helping Communities with Chemistry.
Using her passion for community-based environmental justice, she and a fellow engineer co-founded an environmental consulting firm.

hands with valve
XiaoZhi Lim

Clean, Green Chemistry

By XiaoZhi Lim

High school students from around the U.S. try their hand at green chemistry, an approach that prioritizes the planet and people's health.

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