ChemMatters-related Products

ChemMatters DVD

30 years of ChemMatters on DVD

ChemMatters DVD

Thirty years of the award-winning ChemMatters magazine are available on one DVD. This collection is great for class projects, library research, and science fairs. If you buy a site license, you can share the DVD with your school or school library.

Sets of Recent Issues

All issues from past three school years

chemmatters 2018-19- covers


Receive the printed versions from the past three school years for just $15 per set of four issues! ChemMatters articles help students discover how chemistry works in their everyday lives and make chemistry concepts easier to relate to their daily experiences. (Photocopies are allowed for instructional purposes only).

Class Pack

30 copies each of issues from past three years

cm-2018-19 class pack


The Class Pack includes 30 copies each of the four issues published during the past three school years. With a class pack, you can distribute the issues of the magazine to your students and use the articles for either in-class or homework assignments. Teacher's Guides are available free online to help you prepare lesson plans for any of these articles.

Price: $42 ($135 with a site license)
Price: $15 per set

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