ChemMatters Teacher's Guides

ChemMatters Teacher's Guides include sample questions, reading strategies, background information on article topics, and connections to chemistry concepts and science standards. Available with each issue, the guides provide teachers with extensive information on feature articles along with tools for buiding lesson plans and broadening knowledge about chemistry.

Teacher's Guides by Article

  • A Close-Up Look at the Quality of Indoor Air 
    Because many homes and buildings are poorly ventilated, the concentration of toxic gases and airborne irritants can build up inside to dangerous levels.
  • Chemistry Helps Athlete Keep Moving
    Chandler Smith, now a college student, has been wearing a prosthetic limb and foot since he was 18 months old. Thanks to chemistry, the prosthetic legs and feet he has been wearing over the years have allowed him to follow his dream of becoming an athlete.
  • Frozen Fish Stick Blues
    Some fish contain relatively large amounts of mercury as a result of a process called biomagnification.
  • Antioxidants Go the Extra Mile 
    Fruits and vegetables contain chemicals called antioxidants, which remove potentially damaging compounds present in our bodies and may protect us from developing heart disease, eye cataracts, and certain cancers.
  • Cellulosic Ethanol: A Fuel of the Future? 
    Ethanol could be a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to gasoline in the future, especially if is produced from agricultural waste. But finding an economical way to extract ethanol from agricultural waste remains a challenge.

Teacher's Guides (2013-2016)