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Partnerships with academic institutions and industry on a local, regional, or national level can help you achieve a variety of goals, such as preparing students for higher education or the workplace. The following examples of different types of partnerships may give you ideas on forming your own partnership.

Two-Year/Four-Year College Partnerships

  • Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education (CASPiE)
    A National Science Foundation multi-institutional collaborative effort addressing major barriers to providing research experiences to younger undergraduate science students
  • Maryland Online
    A statewide consortium of 19 Maryland community colleges and senior institutions that has created a set of review criteria based on research literature and national standards

Local Education/Industry Partnerships

Regional Education/Industry Partnerships

  • Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)
    A partnership of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, Illinois College Board, and two- and four-year institutions in Illinois, which developed iTransfer to facilitate student transfer among Illinois institutions

National Education/Industry Partnerships

  • National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education Centers (NSF-ATE)
    Activities currently supported by NSF-ATE, leveraging partnerships to enhance technician programs, professional development for educators, curriculum and educational materials, technical expertise, student laboratory experiences, and applied research
  • National Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence in Biotechnology (Bio-Link)
    A national alliance dedicated to faculty, curriculum, and technological development in the field of biotechnology education
  • National Center for Agriscience and Technology Education (AgrowKnowledge)
    A national alliance of industry, academia, and professional associations that promotes the education of students in the fields of precision agriculture, biotechnology, alternative energy production, natural resource management, and nutritious food production
  • National Network for Pulp and Paper Technology Training
    A national alliance dedicated to developing an advanced technology workforce in the pulp and paper industry
  • National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC)
    A national organization that helps identify partners for successful technology transfer
  • North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA)
    A regional alliance serving Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi to develop, improve and maintain standardized process technology curriculum

Partnership Directory

  • Higher Education Consortia
    An alphabetical list of partnerships among academic institutions, industry, and others, provided by Higher Education Publications.
  • Community College Pathways
    A highly successful developmental math program developed by a partnership of community colleges, professional associations, and educational researchers.

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