Fundraising Tips and Ideas for ACS Student Chapters

Need to raise money to support your ACS student chapter or an upcoming event? Refer to the following resources and tips on fundraising.

Fundraising Planning Tips

Use the following tips from Fundraising to plan your next event.

  • Know how much money you need and when you need it. Make sure to add estimated costs to your fundraising goal.
  • If possible, start planning your fundraiser at least one month in advance. This way you can get letters and ads written, products lined up, and events scheduled.
  • Set beginning and end dates for each project.
  • Find out what types of fundraisers have been successful for your group or community in the past.
  • If planning a large fundraiser that uses several fundraising sources, estimate the funds needed from each activity. If you can, use figures from past successful events as goal points.
  • Use a goal chart (thermometers are popular) to check your progress.
  • Double check your community calendar
  • Ensure your fundraiser doesn’t conflict with other community activities (i.e. it may be difficult to find enough student volunteers for your 8th grade car wash if you schedule it during the middle school band trip).
  • Coordinate your activities with other community activities (i.e. garage sales on weekends).

Creative Ideas

  • Sell liquid nitrogen ice cream on hot, sunny days
  • Candy or baked goods wrapped in packaging with chemistry symbols
  • Request donations from students at chemistry tutoring sessions

Traditional Fundraising Ideas

  • Contests & Raffles
  • Recruit co-sponsors for events or trips
  • Car wash

Drives & Collections

  • Aluminum Can and Glass Bottle Drives
  • Plastic Containers
  • Recyclable Paper
  • Phones
  • Precious (and not-so-precious) Metals
  • Inkjet Cartridges
  • Coupon Collections