International Student Chapter Reports

Reports Due July 1

Student chapter reports give you an opportunity to inform ACS about chapter activities. These reports are viewed by faculty advisors from around the world, who provide you with feedback on how to further develop your chapter in the coming year. To remain active, your chapter must submit a report at least once every three years.

All of the questions that you must answer on the report are included below. Explore all of the tabs and plan out your answers, before starting the report.

Important Notes

  • To remain active, your chapter must submit a report at least once every three years.
  • Please submit only one report per student chapter.
  • If a particular question does not apply to your student chapter, please note that in your response and proceed to the next question.
  • ACS is using a separate system to collect reports from international student chapters than the system for US student chapter reports. International student chapter reports must be submitted using the button to the left.
Student Chapter Information
  • Chapter
  • Country
  • Faculty Advisor information
  • Co-Advisor information
  • Primary student contact
  • Chapter email/website/social media, if applicable
  • Number of students in chapter
  • ACS student members - number of members and information
Self Assessment

What were your student chapter's major goals for the 2018-2019 year? How did your chapter plan to accomplish these goals this year?

  • How did your chapter's strengths and weaknesses affect your ability to accomplish your goals?
  • Describe and event or tradition that you believe is unique to your student chapter.

Based on your assessment of this year's objectives, what are the chapter objectives for next year?

Science Outreach and Community Interaction

Does your student chapter work with the local and/or university community? If so, please describe your greatest accomplishments in this area this year.

  • What groups did you interact with? What groups do you think you could interact with in the future? For example, local school groups, younger university students in the chemical sciences, parents, etc.
  • Did you incorporate science celebrations or holidays into these activities, such as Mole Day, Chemists Celebrate Earth Week, National Chemistry Week, and/or the Chemistry Festival? If so, how?

How did you evaluate chemical safety needs related to your activities? What steps did you take to promote chemical safety during your events for participants, observers, and organizers?

Approximately how many Science Outreach and Community Interaction events did you hold this year?

Professional Development

What was your most successful professional development event this year? What made it successful? (Professional development activities include attending scientific meetings, hosting speakers, going on field trips or tours, etc.)

In your answer, you may consider the following factors:

  • promotion
  • planning
  • budgeting
  • challenges overcome

Approximately how many Professional Development events did you hold this year?

Student Chapter Development

How did your student chapter activities impact member recruitment and retention for your chapter? Which efforts were most successful, and why?

How does your chapter plan activities?

  • Do you hold planning or business meetings?
  • How do you communicate with your chapter members?
  • What role does your faculty advisor play?
  • What event planning challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?

Approximately how many events did you hold this year that were not reported in the above section counts?


How does your chapter plan for costs associated with your activities?

  • What is your most effective way of getting funding, and why?
  • How does raising funds and managing the chapter budget help chapter members develop professional
  • experience (sales skills, grant writing, etc.)?
  • Did your chapter have enough money to accomplish its goals this year?

Please upload your chapter's budget for the 2018-2019 year. If you would like help organizing your budget, download the budget template.

Green Chemistry

Has your student chapter conducted green chemistry activities? Please provide a detailed summary of each, including a two to three sentence explanation of why you think each activity qualifies as green chemistry.

Photos and Report Submission

Please submit photos of your chapter and chapter events, if available. You can upload a .zip file containing multiple files, or provide a link below to photos stored online. 

By submitting your chapter report, you confirm that the faculty advisor has reviewed this report and that your submission reflects the current academic year. You also agree to grant the American Chemical Society permission to reproduce in all formats the photos and documents submitted with this report and waive the right to inspection prior to their use.

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