Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

  • Oversee the governance of the chapter and the maintenance of records
  • Attend chapter meetings
  • Give advice on policy matters such as the institution's regulations on facilities, insurance, custodial services, etc.
  • Help students develop organizational, administrative, and communication skills
  • Secure financial and program resources from home institution, industry, professional organizations, and federal and local governments
  • Provide continuity to the chapter as the membership changes throughout the years
  • Represent chapters in the larger academic community‚ĶAdvisor is the bridge between students and the larger chemical community, including other faculty, the administration, industry, neighboring schools and chapters, the ACS national office, ACS local sections, and other professional organizations;
  • Explain ACS benefits and services, encourage students to become ACS student members,
  • select a non-faculty chemists from nearby industry or the ACS local section to act as a professional advisor; help officers work with the ACS local section, industry, and the community
  • Helping students develop organizational, administrative, and communication skills
  • Encouraging peer mentoring among students to foster personal and professional development
  • Providing information on what chemical professionals do, career options, both traditional and non-traditional, and helping students plan their career path

Become a Faculty Advisor