Start/Reactivate a Student Chapter

Are you interested in establishing an ACS student chapter at your institution? Forming a chapter is a great way to help organize your student chemistry or science club. Becoming an active chapter with ACS opens many doors and staying active will benefit your peers and support students who wish to pursue a career in chemistry.

Starting an ACS Student Chapter

Chartering an ACS student chapter at your school is now easier than ever! Simply complete and submit the form below and you’re on your way. Once ACS approves your application, your chapter will be granted a charter and a certificate will be mailed to your faculty advisor or the chair of the nearest ACS local section chair. They will present your new ACS student chapter with your official charter certificate.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  1. Identify at least 6 student members of the ACS at your school and have their member numbers handy. (Email us! We might be able to help you find members at your school.)
  2. Choose a faculty member to serve as your advisor. Advisors must be an active member of the ACS. Learn more about the role of a faculty advisor on our resource page.
  3. Compose a set of proposed bylaws to help manage your chapter. If you need help, check out our recommended bylaws.

Reactivate a Student Chapter

An ACS student chapter becomes inactive due to low member numbers or the chapter has not submitted a chapter report within the last 3 years. Reinstating an inactive ACS Student Chapter takes only a few minutes.

To get started on your chapter’s reactivation you will need the following:

  1. Identify at least 6 student members of the ACS at your school and have their member numbers handy. (Email us! We might be able to help you find members at your school.)
  2. Complete and submit the form linked below.

You will receive a confirmation email once your chapter’s reactivation has been approved. 

Updating a Faculty Advisor

Requests to update your chapter's faculty advisor should be submitted using the form linked below. Updates to student executives should be made directly through the Student Chapters Online management tool.

You will need both the old and new faculty advisor's member number to complete this request.

How to Stay Active

In order to remain active, a chapter must submit a chapter report at least once every three years and maintain at least 6 student members. The report offers chapters the opportunity to inform ACS about your activities, voice concerns from the academic year, provide suggestions for future activities, and become eligible for a Student Chapter Award.

Sending regular updates about your chapter is another great way to stay active. Email or call us at call 800-227-5558 with any news about new activities, elected officers, faculty advisors, or photos from special events.

Tip: Appoint a member as the official record keeper for the year. This person should record and summarize all events to allow for accurate documentation in the chapter report.

Benefits of Staying Active

Chapters that stay active can:

  • Qualify for chapter awards
  • Present posters at ACS national meetings
  • Get grants to attend ACS meetings
  • Get grant support for community service projects
  • Gain opportunities to plan meeting activities and symposia
  • Qualify for exclusive ACS contests

Open a Chapter Bank Account

If your chapter would like to open a bank account, ACS will provide IRS form SS-4, an Employer Identification Number application, and instructions for completing the forms. Email or call (800) 227-5558