Affiliated Departments

As of February 2021, the ACS Bridge Program has 23 Chemical Science departments in 21 locations in the United States. Of the 23 departments, six are Bridge Sites and 17 are Bridge Partners. All are master’s or doctoral-granting institutions that share ACS’s mission of broadening student participation in the chemical sciences through diversity, equity, and inclusion. Both Sites and Partners recruit Bridge Fellows, but Sites receive a three-year $180,000 financial package to establish their programs.

Use this interactive map to explore our diverse Bridge community. Find more information about specific departments and programs via the links below.


ACS Bridge Partners

Institution Department
Brown University Chemistry
California State University Fresno Chemistry
Columbia University Chemistry
CUNY Chemistry
Florida Agricultural Mechanical University Chemistry & Biochemistry
Northeastern University Chemistry and Chemical Biology
South Dakota State University Chemistry & Biochemistry
Stony Brook University Chemistry
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Chemical Engineering
University of Illinois, Chicago Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Michigan Chemistry
University of Northern Colorado Chemistry
University of Rochester Chemistry
University of Washington Chemistry
Villanova University Chemistry

ACS Bridge Sites 

Institution Department
Georgia Tech Chemistry & Biochemistry
Georgia Tech
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Indiana University, Bloomington
The Ohio State University Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of California, San Diego Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Wisconsin, Madison Chemistry

Other Non-ACS Programs

One of our Bridge Partners, Columbia University, has a separate “Bridge to the Ph.D. Program in STEM” initiative that is different from the ACS Bridge Program. Their mission and values are similar to our ACS Bridge Program, but they encompass a broader community in STEM – not just the chemical sciences. Their application deadline is Feb 15. Find more information here

Accepting Bridge Partner Proposals Now! Due June 1st

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