Postdoc to PUI Professor Workshop

Preparing Postdocs for Undergraduate Faculty Careers in Chemistry

6th Postdoc to PUI Professor (P3) workshop

Summary: If you are a postdoctoral fellow or senior graduate student interested in a faculty position in the chemical sciences at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI), this workshop can help you prepare for a rewarding career. Free registration, housing and all on-site meals will be provided.

When: April 20-21, 2018

Where: University of San Diego; San Diego, CA

Most faculty positions in chemistry are NOT at PhD-granting research universities!

Workshop Highlights

  • Faculty Life at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions
  • Private Liberal Arts Colleges, Comprehensive State Universities, Two-Year Colleges (Workshop facilitators will be drawn from all these institutions!)
  • PUI's Similarities and Differences in Comparison to PhD-Granting Research Universities
  • Teaching, Research, and Service
  • Modern Pedagogies & Assessment
  • Interdisciplinary Science Initiatives
  • Grantsmanship & Publication
  • The Academic Job Search, Crafting an Application
  • Personalized Review of Application Materials*
  • Interviews, Offers, and Negotiations
  • Surviving and Thriving – The First Year and the Tenure Process

How to Apply

*Accepted applicants will be required to submit academic job application materials for confidential review and critique by workshop facilitators by February 20, 2018. 

We recommend that you review the entire application and have all information on hand prior to starting the application process.

Application Deadline: 11:59 PM Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Academic Employment Intiative

If you are interested in the P3 workshop, you may also be interested in the Academic Employment Intiative program held at fall national meetings. This venue provides a unique opportunity for postdocs seeking academic positions to network with faculty recruiters.

Abstracts are due in the spring in conjunction with all abstract submittals for the Fall National Meeting.

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What is PUI?

  • Private Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Comprehensive State Universities
  • 2-Year Colleges