Preparing for Life After Graduate School Workshop (soon to be renamed “ACS Career Kickstarter Workshop”)

The Preparing for Life After Graduate School Workshop is a two-day career development workshop designed to teach graduate students and postdoctoral scholars about career options and how to prepare for them. Chemistry departments are encouraged to host this event so that in two days, graduate students and postdocs can receive the necessary knowledge and tools that would otherwise require weeks of individual effort to obtain. The workshop addresses the following:

  • Examining careers for Ph.D. chemists
    What does it mean to work in industry? How do industrial jobs compare with academic and government employment? These questions and many more on defining chemistry careers are discussed. Participants find out how employees are evaluated, opportunities for promotion, the dual-ladder concept in industry, and other job-related issues. A discussion of postdoctoral research as it relates to career choices is also included.
  • Knowing critical non-technical skills
    Participants learn how to write persuasive memos and conduct or receive performance reviews. In addition, the workshop introduces participants to patents and intellectual property, business economics and project selection, ethics in research, and the importance of team-based approaches to problem-solving.
  • Finding employment opportunities
    Participants discover strategies for targeting the job market, writing strong resumes and cover letter, and interviewing skills.
  • Preparing for academic positions
    This portion of the workshop focuses on creating a successful academic job application – CV, cover letter, teaching philosophy and research proposal. Participants are taught how to interview for academic positions.
  • Putting it into Practice
    Experienced career consultants provide one-on-one resume reviews and mock interviews that help to expose and correct any deficiencies in the participant’s job application and interview skills.

In addition to the workshop, two expert consultants are made available on a 3rd day for students to schedule one-on-one resume/CV reviews and mock interviews.

Contact Us

If your department is interested in hosting this workshop on your campus email the ACS Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars at, or call 800-227-5558 ext. 7707 for more information.