Art & Chemistry

water colors


Unleash your inner artist—and learn some chemistry too. Visit the links below to learn more about connections between art and chemistry and to find hands-on art projects to try.

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  • Egg Tempera
    Eggs. They’re not just for breakfast anymore. Make your own paint, with egg yolk as one of the ingredients.
  • Making Wax Crayons
    Hark back to your childhood days as you formulate your own crayons. Which combo works best?
  • Elements, Compounds, and Pigments
    Artists of old rejoiced at the discovery of cobalt, cadmium, and chromium. Find out why.
  • Stained Glass Sugar
    Make your own colored glass creation. Admire its beauty and then… eat it!
  • Slime Art
    The fun doesn’t have to stop after you’ve made slime and played with it. Use it to create art when you’re done.
  • State of the Art Chemistry
    Pre-planned and ready to go! Demos and hands-on art/chemistry activities go hand in hand.
  • Chemistry and Art: Analyze a Painting
    What sort of science would you see in the 1700s? The painting tells the tale.

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