Art & Chemistry

oil paints on a board


Unleash your inner artist—and learn some chemistry too. Visit the links below to learn more about connections between art and chemistry and to find hands-on art projects to try.

  • Celebrating Chemistry & Art!
    Can trout be chemically artistic? One of the activities in this booklet shows it is! Try it and other fun projects.
  • Art in Chemistry; Chemistry in Art
    This Google Book preview of Greenberg and Patterson’s book gives you a wide sampling of ways to link chemistry and art. Take a peek inside.
  • Artist as Chemist
    Why learn chemistry? In this class, it’s so you can create original artwork.
  • Chemistry and Art
    Discover chemistry through art. Choose a topic from one of three themes, then try a matching experiment that shows you more.

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  • Exploring Materials—Stained-Glass Windows
    Art goes nano with these examples of stained glass. Kids can make their own versions with colorful tissue paper.
  • Colorful Lather Printing
    Shaving cream, food coloring, and paper combine to produce a unique piece of marbled art.
  • Egg Tempera
    Eggs. They’re not just for breakfast anymore. Make your own paint, with egg yolk as one of the ingredients.
  • Making Wax Crayons
    Head back to your childhood days with this experiment as you make these familiar coloring tools. Which formulation works best?

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