Makeup, Tattoos and Hair

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Hair dye, shampoo, lipstick, eye shadow, perfume, tattoo ink… These are all products that help us maintain “the body beautiful.” And, they’re products made possible through the power of chemistry. Learn more about the science of how they’re made and used.

  • How Perfume Works
    What’s your perfume preference? Aldehydic? Lactonic? Phenolic? Learn about the chemistry of scenting your skin.
  • Science and Art of Perfumery
    See how chemistry helped the perfume industry move out of the garden and into the lab.
  • Fragrance Chemist
    Develop combinations that have never existed or been smelled before—it’s the work of a fragrance chemist.
  • Scintillating Scents
    Choose your favorite scent: rose or lavender. Then, get started with this science-fair-style experiment to make your own perfume.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Creates Perfume
    This scent has a top-secret formula. You won’t find this perfume in stores—it was made for just one person.

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  • Chemistry of Moisturisers
    Fight dry skin with chemistry. Learn what compounds go into your moisturizer and what each one does.
  • What's That Stuff—Henna
    Here’s some science that gets into your skin. See where henna comes from, how its dye gets activated, and how long it lasts.
  • How to Become a Cosmetic Chemist
    Interested in what path to take to make a career out of make-up? Find tips here from someone who’s been there, done that.
  • Chemistry Tattoos
    Spelling and grammar mistakes immortalized in tattoos. It happens in chemistry too—read about one that went wrong.
  • The Chemistry of Tattoo Ink
    Know anything about the composition of the ink you’re putting into your body? See what this chemist found out.
  • Temporary Tattoos That Control Your Phone
    These tattoos don’t just make a decorative statement—they help connect with your tech.
  • How Are Tattoos Removed?
    Got a tattoo you’re just not happy with anymore? Learn about some laser options for removal, each one designed for specific colors and compounds.
  • Tattoo Ink Chemistry
    What’s in tattoo ink? You can’t really know for sure. Get info on some of the likely compounds.

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  • The Chemistry of Hair Care
    Can science help you avoid bad hair days? Understand how chemistry is used to develop better hair care products.
  • Hair Dye: A History
    Did you know the compounds used to dye hair brown are colorless at first? This history is packed with unexpected twists and turns.
  • Better Hair Through Chemistry
    Turn your hair into a hygrometer and use your tresses to measure changes in humidity.
  • Shampoo: What’s That Stuff?
    Your choices in the shampoo aisle can be overwhelming. What goes into each bottle, and which one should you pick?

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