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Personal Care Products

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Hair dye, shampoo, lipstick, eye shadow, perfume, tattoo ink… These are all products that help us maintain “the body beautiful.” And, they’re products made possible through the power of chemistry. Learn more about the science of how they’re made and used.

  • How Perfume Works
    What’s your perfume preference? Aldehydic? Lactonic? Phenolic? Learn about the chemistry of scenting your skin.
  • Scintillating Scents
    Choose your favorite scent: rose or lavender. Then, get started with this science-fair-style experiment to make your own perfume.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Creates Perfume
    This scent has a top-secret formula. You won’t find this perfume in stores—it was made for just one person.
  • Chemist in the Bottle
    Get a view of perfume—from the inside. This cosmetics chemist works as a fragrance evaluator and blogs about it.
  • Perfume Makers Seek Natural, Sustainable Scents
    Natural? Synthetic? Or both? What's the balance for perfume, now and in the future?
  • 11 Secrets of Perfumers
    The nose knows. What are some of the secrets behind the scents?
  • From Petri Dish To Perfume
    E. coli might be able to help fill your perfume bottle. Read how.
  • Basic Perfume Primer
    Top, middle, and base notes. We’re not talking music. Instead, it’s the language of scent.

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  • Chemistry of Moisturisers
    Fight dry skin with chemistry. Learn what compounds go into your moisturizer and what each one does.
  • What's That Stuff—Henna
    Here’s some science that gets into your skin. See where henna comes from, how its dye gets activated, and how long it lasts.
  • The Chemistry of Henna
    Lawsone plus keratin equals beautiful designs on your skin.
  • Personal Care Chemistry
    Personal care chemists help populate your store’s shelves with a wide range of health and beauty products. Learn how they do what they do.
  • The Science of Beauty: Cosmetic Chemistry
    Interested in what path to take to make a career out of make-up? Get tips from someone who’s been there, done that.

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