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Books, Movies, and Chemistry

mole inside a tv set


Learning about chemistry doesn’t have to involve a textbook. Check out these book and movie recommendations that blend chemistry with fiction and non-fiction. Are they accurate? How do they portray science and those who study it?

  • Books to Read
    We pin. You read. Check out ACS ChemClub’s Pinterest board, filled with science-themed books.
  • The Martian Virtual Book Club Resources
    Dive deeper into the science of The Martian with reading guides, Fermi calculations, and a your personalized Martian playlist.
  • The Martian: Book versus Movie
    What’s your vote: book first or movie first? Both are packed with chemistry.
  • The Martian: Popular Fiction Plus Chemistry
    Gripping fiction. Gripping science. See how Andy Weir’s The Martian can find a place in the chemistry classroom.
  • Reading Non-Fiction Within a Grade 10 Chemistry Class
    It’s a true story, but reads like a mystery novel. How did chemistry cause “The Case of the Frozen Addicts”?
  • Using Children's Literature To Teach Science
    You’re never too old for a picture book! This site links tons of kid lit favorites with hands-on science activities.
  • October Sky
    Encourage your students to reach for the stars! Use the book Rocket Boys to motivate students to launch their study of rocket science.
  • Literary Reactions
    You’ve taken English Lit? What about Chemistry Lit? See some examples where chemistry “takes centre stage.”

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