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Books, Movies, and Chemistry

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Learning about chemistry doesn’t have to involve a textbook. Check out these book and movie recommendations that blend chemistry with fiction and non-fiction. Are they accurate? How do they portray science and those who study it?

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  • The Chemistry of the Murder Mystery
    Chemistry makes the murder, or at least a book about one. These stories are fiction, but the chemistry is real.
  • Science and Science Fiction
    Want to use books and movies in your science curriculum? This resource list gets you started.
  • Great Science Books for High School Students: The Hive-Mind Speaks
    Book titles, sans commentary. Which title will catch your eye?
  • Science Fiction & Scientific Literacy
    Literature analysis isn’t just for English class anymore. Expand those skills to the science classroom.
  • Forensic Chemistry in Golden-Age Detective Fiction
    These stories were CSI before there was CSI. What could forensic scientists detect and figure out back then?
  • Carl Djerassi—Chemistry and Theatre
    Become an “intellectual smuggler”—how can you work science into fiction? Hear how this famous chemist did it.
  • Reading Aloud to Teens Gains Favor Among Teachers
    Did you love being read to as a kid? It doesn’t have to stop! See what these teachers are doing and why.

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