Chemistry Puzzles & Games

hand pressing periodic table element tiles
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Try your hand at some brain-busting puzzles and games that will put your knowledge of chemistry to the test.

  • Mahjong Chem
    Clear away the tiles while testing your knowledge of polyatomic ions, oxidation numbers, element symbols, and more.
  • Periodic Table Battleship
    You sank my… elements? Familiarize yourself with the periodic table when you turn it into the game board for this classic game.
  • Adventures in Chemistry Games
    Join the molecule chase as you navigate the maze to escape Space Station Seven and save the world!
  • Balancing Chemical Equations Game
    Take the PhET challenge. Can you complete all three levels?
  • Element Hangman
    Guess the name of the element before your atom man completely decays.
  • Chemistry Games
    Who wants to be a matter millionaire? Can you reach the top level without using up your hints?
  • Periodic Table Bingo
    BINGO! BINGO! Sorry, got carried away. You will too, as you learn about elements using this classic game with a periodic table twist.
  • Periodic Table Game
    It’s a game, but a review at the same time—valence numbers, element symbols, and more.

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  • Puzzlemaker
    Can’t find quite the word puzzle you’re looking for? Make your own with this free tool!
  • The Strange Case of Avogadro Airlines 602
    This flight to “Molelaysia” ended in tragedy. Use percent composition data to find the culprit.
  • Gridlocks
    This might be the only time you’ll have fun while you’re in gridlock. Your chemistry knowledge is the key.
  • Nobel Chemist Word Search
    Uncover a secret message. It starts with finding the names of Nobel Prize chemists.
  • Logic Puzzle Collection
    It’ll take more than just chemistry know-how to solve this collection of puzzles.
  • Ionic Su Doku
    Charges, formulas, and Sudoku come together in these three puzzles, from easy to difficult.
  • Chemistry Crossword Puzzle
    Get a clue! A crossword clue, that is. Stretch your memory for chemistry with this puzzle.
  • Chemistry Word Search Puzzles
    Take your pick from this list of word searches: element names, chemical reactions, ideal gases, and more.
  • Baccalaureate to the Future
    Solve this crossword puzzle that was specially designed as an end-of-year gift for International Baccalaureate students.
  • The Puzzle Corner
    Jump down the list at this link to the chemistry category to find metric and element challenges, plus periodic table puns to solve.

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  • Martian Periodic Table
    These fictitious elements need to go into their proper places. Can you help using the clues provided?
  • An Elemental Tale
    “The Gold Dust Kid” is in his element as he races off to rob the stagecoach. Fill in the blanks to tell the rest of the story.
  • Element Riddles
    Caution! Element pun overload. (But, come on, you know you want to click anyway.)
  • Chemistry by the Numbers
    298 = S.S.T., in K. Can you decipher the chemistry code? (Psst: Answers here.)
  • Element Anagrams
    From puzzle clue to puzzle answer to anagram of one of the elements. Can you solve all twelve?
  • Mole Maze
    Use your mole calculations to lead you to the end of the maze and that cute chemistry digger.
  • Safety Puzzle and First Day Message
    Your periodic table will help uncover some of the safety rules you’ll need to follow in the lab.
  • Elemental Facts of Santa
    Even Santa loves the periodic table. Use it to help tell the story of that jolly red-suited fellow.
  • Colour-by-numbers Chemis-tree
    Figure out the colors you’ll need to fill in the flasks that decorate this festive tree.

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